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I am a New York based Art Director with a diverse portfolio of clients and artwork. Please browse through my site for a good introduction to my work. The Gallery section is an area I am currently expanding, so please check back soon for more artwork. My Resumé is a good overview of my skills and clients.

(Click the two images above to see my latest samples!)

I offer a wide range of digital illustration and graphic services geared towards several industries. My clients range from small to large businesses, as well as individuals. All jobs are handled with a high level of personal service and great attention to detail.


I have recently added a lot of artwork to the Gallery. If you haven't visited for a while, or are a new visitor, be sure to take a look! I've added a second gallery page covering artwork for licensed character designs (I've worked with properties such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Nickelodeon). Soon to follow will be more samples of ad work, packaging, and some Rugrats and Looney Tunes designs. Stay tuned!


Dais Thumbnail
Click D[AI]sy for larger view


My tribute to artificial intelligence (AI). Check out "D[AI]sy" in the book "Photoshop and Illustrator Synergy" from IDG Books Worldwide.

Download the pdf file to find out how I did it:
DaisyTip.pdf (300K)
Acrobat Reader 2.1 or later needed to view (available from Adobe)

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